Qliphoth meditation

The following article is an excerpt from a longer introduction to key concepts of Lurianic Kabbalah. The full article covers elements of the history of Lurianic Kabbalah, the cosmology, a more in-depth description of the Sephiroth and their evil counter-forces Qlippoth as well as an introduction to classic techniques of the Practical Kabbalah.

Obviously, there is wonderful and plenty of literature available on Kabbalah and no need to reproduce concepts here that are well explored already.

The nature of the Qliphoth, however, is something that I found less accessible with much fewer qualified information available online. Additionally, I decided to provide some additional background and make the chapter on the origin of the Qliphoth according to Lurianic Kabbalah available as well.

On the Nature of the Qlippoth

Let me also point out that all comments below are made from a perspective of Philosophical rather than Practical Kabbalah. The intention of this page is to increase the understanding of the nature of the Qliphoth, rather than providing a framework or method for actively working with them. Should you be interested in the latter, I keep it with Israel Regardie and recommend a qualified psychotherapy as your starting point.

It provides an excellent idea of the fluidity of kabbalistic - and more specifically qliphothic - traditions in Jewish history.

As a brief internet search will proof to everyone, until today many different interpretations, Latin spellings of Hebrew words and most importantly opinions exist side by side. Thus, please consider the spelling below just one option which might be closer to the German literary sources than English language ones. Any hints on grammar or spelling errors, as well as general feedback are welcome.

Simply drop me a note by use of the contact fields in the left sidebar. The dark side of the Etz Chiim is also called the Tree of Death and considered to represent the reverse or occult side of the Tree of Life. It is a diagram of the evil forces or Qliphoth hebrew, Shells assigned to each Sephiroth.

They represent the counter-forces of the ten divine emanations as described in Lurianic Kabbalah. The Tree of Death, however, essentially is a creation of 20th century Western occultism rather than genuine Jewish Kabbalah.

The orthodox origin of the Qliphoth according to Lurianic Kabbalah is described in an abbreviated version in the last chapter of this page. The following chapter will briefly describe each Sephiroth as well as the nature of its equivalent Qliphoth. The intention is to foster a deeper understanding of how the respective divine and demonic forces are related to each other.

Bringing together the nature of each Sephiroth and the literal translation of the respective demonic name might proof to be a valuable key for unlocking the dark side of the tree. Kether hebrew, Crown represents the first and purest emanation of the Divine.

Kether also represent the first moment of creation. It marks the moment of first motion, before non-self turns into self. With regards to spiritual development Kether is the highest point that can be conceptualized theoretically, yet it can not be accessed by our rationale minds.

Kabbalah Tree of Life & Klipoth Tree of Death – Illuminati Zeitgeist

Its symbol is a single point as all differentiations or qualifications merge together in a single indivisible union in Kether. Thaumiel being the evil side of Kether represents the eternally aggressive tension or duality between two opposing polarities.

If all is one and unified in the first ray of light in Kether, all is divided and cleaved in its most inner essence in Thaumiel. Chokmah hebrew, Wisdom correlates to the male aspect of Kether which is still completely indistinct in its presence in Kether.

Chokmah expresses the idea of overflowing divine vitality and the yet unshaped forces of creation. As Kether is inaccessible to human perception Chokmah can be understood as the point of origin of all dynamics and the beginning of perception. Ghogiel also Ghagiel represents the antagonism to the well of creative potential and eternal motion in Chokmah. Ghogiel itself is the nature of blocking and inhibiting the influx of divine motion.

Thus, the Qliphoth of Chokmah represents the death of the first seed of creation and the obstruction of the first movement of creative forces in nature. Binah is traditionally translated as Understanding or Intelligence and correlates to the female aspect of Kether. If the second Sephira is the archetype of overflowing vitality it is the influence of Binah that grants structure and form to these forces.These are the Qliphothic Pathworkings rites of self-initiation through the Tunnels of Set i.

Jewish meditation

These should be performed after both the Qliphothic and Non-Qliphothic Sphereworkings; the instructions for the Qliphothic Sphereworkings should be read prior to the use of my Qliphothic Pathworkings as all of the rites in the Qliphothic Self-Initiation category of my website are approach the same way.

The Conjurations of the Archdemons of the ToS will appear in the order in which they should most performed. Each Archdemon Conjuration starts with a formula of god names and words of power to be vibrated. If the witch feels led to self-initiate via more than one of the ToS in the same ritual, the rite should be constructed in the order of i Pathworking Opening, ii Both or all Archdemon Conjurations, and iii Pathworking Conclusion.

If the witch feels led to add to the ritual, then she may incorporate this incantation after step three. If the witch would like to incorporate a conjuration of the Qliphothic army attributed to the Tunnel s of Set she is contacting, she may incorporate the respective channeled summoning chant after step two. I will update this article over and over again until all 22 paths are covered. Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! This Noise is Called the Hiss of Dahomey.

Liftoach Pandemonium! Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas! Zazas Zazas Nasatanadas Zazas! Yehi Aur Chashakh! Word of Power! Open the Infernal Plane! Magickal Formula! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Let There Be Black Light!

Invoco Tap In Nomine Qliphoth! Deyan Anay Tasa Gaap!Kabbalah is a systematic overview of how existence functions, on every level, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. Kabbalah provides an understanding of how the human being fits into nature, and how nature functions, from the lowest, most dense levels, all the way up to the most profound.

Through this knowledge, a person comes to know where they are now in the scale of the universe, and how to traverse those levels and reach a better station in life.

Kabbalah is a universal knowledge that has appeared in many forms around the world. Although we use the Hebrew word Kabbalah to describe it, this knowledge is not the property of the Jews or any other group. Kabbalah is also known by other names, such as Kalachakra in Tibetan Buddhism. For that, they need to use other instruments that reach far beyond the physical senses.

The root word is significant because real Kabbalah is not an invention or theory: it is the direct perception reception of the truth. When the truth is seen, there is no theory or belief needed. The truth simply is. Yet, the fundamental truth cannot be seen physically, because the fundamental truth is beyond the reach of the physical senses.

Thus, the true investigator of Kabbalah knows how to perceive that which is beyond the physical senses. By its use the Qabalists built up an evolutionary philosophy in the darkest of the Dark Ages of the mind and by its use the modern philosophical mystic is enabled to transcend the limitations of a materialistic science and forecast developments of knowledge that have not yet dawned above the horizon.

The Ten Holy Sephiroth themselves are conceived of as linked one to another by the zigzag course of the Lightning-Flash which represents the line of the course of evolution descending from Kether to Malkuth the Twenty-two Paths however are united by the coils of the Serpent Nechushtan the Serpent of Wisdom which loops one to another laboriously upward till its crowned head rests upon Kether thus indicating the evolution and initiation of the soul of man.

In Gnosis the heart of all religionsthe meaning is very precise. In Kabbalahthe spiritual and emotional part of the person is related to the sephiroth Hod emotionNetzach mindTiphereth will; Human Souland Geburah Consciousness ; Divine Soul. Furthermore, these sephiroth undergo stages of growth, explained as five types or levels of soul: nephesh, neshemah, ruach, chaiah, and yechidah. Yet, this word has been misinterpreted for centuries. What is eternal is what uses those bodies.

Afterward, there are far greater works to accomplish.

qliphoth meditation

In Kabbalah, the term klipoth refers to the inferior worlds, the inferno, hell, or abyss. This is the first in a series of free online courses designed to give a complete introduction to Kabbalah, the structure of laws that organize all of creation. In the Western traditions, this structure has been symbolized by the Tree of Life.

These courses begin with the shadow of the tree, the lowest levels of the dimensions of nature, because this is the level of existence we know and experience on a daily basis. By understanding the world around and within us, we can better understand how to reach the worlds heavens above us.

In all religions, the lowest levels of matter are called hell, averno, inferno, avitchi, qliphoth, or other names. Here is the world, empty and round, it goes up and down, glitters and bounces, it dances around the sun,trembles and roars, gives and destroys; now barren, now fertile, this is the world.

On its huge old back there is a race both profligate and mad, haughty, cowardly,subtle and wicked, whose members devour one another ceaselessly from the topmost peak to the bottom-most depths of the wicked world. An empty fable is Satan to them, Hell is a matter for mockery and derision, Paradise for derision and mockery.

Oh by God!This magickal hymn calls upon the Trident— Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial— which Trident is comprised of the primary divinities of Primal Craft as codified by Mark Allan Smith in his series of grimoires.

The Trident has become integral to the modern Draconian Tradition or Draconian Current as well, and is most importantly one of the largest influences of my friend Yuri M.

Meditative Invitation to the Qliphoth

A lot of my articles about deities and gods feature original sigils. If these sigils are of my invention, they appear in lackluster artistic representation on paper and are photographed via cellphone. My sigils are, of course, entirely effective, but the ones designed by Yuri M. I only recently i. As confident as I am in the efficacy of what I create, I was shy to display my drawing skills in full array until now. I made an entire ritual out of consecrating it, which I have never done in the past.

I called on Hecate, Aradia, Lucifer, and Belial to empower it. My magickal hymns may be used for any intention selected by the celebrant. They can be integrated into any ritual to call on the deities named to empower the rite or empower oneself. My magickal hymns can be recited without any added ritual for a specified intent as miniature self-empowerment exercises— one of the advantages of reciting some of my hymns in times when a full ritual cannot be performed is that these hymns will strengthen your energetic resonance with its deities, making it easier to call forth, perceive, and communicate with said deities.

Queen of Hell makes the assertion that Belial is the same entity as Beelzebuth, and I have verified the accuracy of said assertion with my own guiding spirits, although I doubted it at first.

On the Nature of the Qlippoth

Alternate names for Lucifer appear as well, including Lucifero, Lumial, and Lucibel. I am sure you will find this of use. Salve Erus Lucifer. O Arbitrator, Admirabilis. Io Domine Belial.

Evoco Megist Baal Zebul. Adveni, Spirituum Sitra Achara. Invoco Deitas Hecate! Yuri M. The first coven we formed was called the Coven of the Second Torch, and it originally consisted of three members brought together by Hecate.

Of all the Lunar deities, whose torches symbolized the moonlight, Hecate was the only one who carried two. The Second Torch was a reference to the path of black magick commonly called the LHP, as well as a reference to Algol, the most sinister star in astrology: an eclipsing binary star connected to Hecate, the Undead Gods, the demons, a nd more.

Our first rituals were mischievous dabbling— breaking into a haunted house and filling it with the energy of Algol to basically fuck around. To this day, the house is filled with black magickal energy, and has become a place of respite for spirits of darkness. The entire road the house is on is always colder than the rest of the city, and is usually or often covered in a thick fog.

When my coven went back to the haunted house to do another rite to Algol, the spirits dwelling therein had covered the walls in moss, which moss unmistakably depicted the magickal numbers of Algol.Jewish meditation includes practices of settling the mind, introspection, visualization, emotional insight, contemplation of divine namesor concentration on philosophical, ethical or mystical ideas.

Meditation may accompany unstructured, personal Jewish prayermay be part of structured Jewish servicesor may be separate from prayer practices. Jewish mystics have viewed meditation as leading to devekut cleaving to God. There is evidence that Judaism has had meditative practices since the time of the patriarchs. For instance, in the book of Genesis, the patriarch Isaac is described as going "lasuach" in the field - a term understood by many commentators as some type of meditative practice Genesis Similarly, there are indications throughout the Hebrew Bible that Judaism always contained a central meditative tradition.

Historians trace the earliest surviving Jewish esoteric texts to Tannaitic times. This "Merkavah-Heichalot" mysticism, referred to in Talmudic accounts, sought elevations of the soul using meditative methods, built around the biblical vision of Ezekiel and the creation in Genesis. The distinctive conceptual features of later Kabbalah first emerged from the 12th century, although traditional Judaism predates the medieval Bahir and 13th century Zohar back to the Tannaim, and the preceding end of biblical prophecy.

Moses Maimonidesoften considered the greatest Jewish philosopherdescribed meditation as settling the mind and allowing for divine providence and inspiration. Abraham Maimonidesson of Moses Maimonides, also recommended private meditative practices that were designed to rid the mind of desires and allow for communion with God.

Kabbalists of different schools have been concerned with a range of esoteric encounters with divinity mediated by different meditative practices, ranging from ecstatic mystical cleaving to Godor prophetic visual and auditory disclosing of the divine, to theurgic manipulation of theosophical divine emanations.

Practices included meditation on the names of God in Judaismcombinations of Hebrew lettersand kavanot esoteric "intentions".

The main concern of the Theosophical Kabbalah such as the Zohar and Isaac Luria was on theurgic harmonisation of the sephirot Divine attributes, though recent phenomenological scholarship has uncovered the prophetic visualisation of the sephirot as a Divine Anthropos in the imagination of the medieval theosophical practitioners. In contrast, the main concern of the medieval Ecstatic Kabbalahexemplified most fully in Abraham Abulafia 's "Prophetic Kabbalah", was on unio mystica and drawing down the influx of prophecy upon the practitioner.

Abulafia opposed interpreting the sephirot as theosophical-theurgical hypostasesseeing them in Maimonidean negative theology psychological terms, while viewing his meditation mysticism as a superior Kabbalah. The ethic of meditation mysticism in Abulafia and other Ecstatic Kabbalists was a minority tradition to the Theosophical Kabbalah mainstream, but later aspects of it became incorporated in the 16th century Theosophical compendiums of Cordovero and Vital, such as drawing down divine influx, and subsequently influenced the psychologisation of Kabbalah in Hasidic self-absorption in God.

Ecstatic traditions were at a disadvantage for normative Judaism, as they made classic meditation their central preoccupation; as with Maimonides the mitzvot Jewish observances were a means to the end purpose of mystical or philosophical cleaving to God or the Active intellect. In contrast, Theosophical traditions centred around the theurgic power and cosmic centrality importance of normative Jewish worship and Halakha observance, especially when carried out with elite Kavanot mystical intentions.

Pinchas Giller questions usage of the term " meditation " for Theosophical mainstream Kabbalah's theurgic kavanot intentions, where deveikut cleaving to God was secondary, preferring the term more accurately for Ecstatic Kabbalah's unio mystica methods and goal.

He sees generalising the term in reference to all Kabbalistic intentions as a reflection of contemporary zeitgeist, promoted by Aryeh Kaplan and others. He recommends Ecstatic Kabbalahthe Jewish Sufism of Abraham Maimonidesor Chabad Hasidic prayer contemplation as paths more suited to develop a future ethic of Jewish meditation unio mystica.

However, as mitzvot are the primary centre of traditional Judaism, Giller sees Jewish prayerrather than classic meditation akin to Eastern Religions, as the true central expression of Judaism. Theosophical Kabbalists and later Hasidism were deeply concerned to develop mystical approaches to prayer, whether theurgic in the case of Kabbalah, or devotional and self-nullifying in the case of Hasidism.

qliphoth meditation

In contrast to rationalist Jewish philosophy 's progressively anti-metaphysical interpretation of Jewish observance, Theosophical Kabbalists reinterpreted Judaism's prayer and mitzvot as cosmic metaphysical processes, especially when carried out in particular ways that could channel the mystical flow between the Divine sephirot on high and from the divine realm to this world.

They reinterpreted standard Jewish liturgy by reading it as esoteric mystical meditations and the ascent of the soul for elite practitioners. Through this, the border between supplicatory prayer and theurgic practice blurs if prayer becomes viewed as a magical process rather than Divine response to petitions.

However, Kabbalists censored directly magical Practical Kabbalah willed control of angels for only the most holy, and justified their theurgic prayer as optimising the divine channels through which their prayerful supplication to God ascends. Kabbalists declare one prayers only "to Him God's essence"male" here solely in Hebrew's gendered grammernot to His attributes sephirot ".

To pray to a Divine attribute introduces the cardinal idolatrous sin of division and plurality among the sephirot, separating them from their dependence and nullification in the Absolute Ein Sof Unity. However, each traditional Name of God corresponds in Kabbalah to a different manifestation of the sephirot. Moses Cordoverowho systemised Kabbalah, explains that the sephirot names KeterChokhmahBinahetc are the vessels of each attribute; to pray to the vessel is idolatry.

The corresponding Names of God Eheye, Yah, Havayahetc relate to the inner Divine Unity dimension of each sephira, expressing the forms the unified Infinite light takes as it illuminates within each vessel; prayer to traditional liturgy Divine Names is prayer to God's Essence, expressed through particular sephirot supernal channels on high.

Corresponding with the traditional words of prayer, the Kabbalist intentionally contemplates each Divine Name sephirot channel with theurgic Kavanot meditations to open the Divine flow so prayer supplication to God's hidden innermost Will concealed within the innermost dimensions of the first sephirah Keterwhere it merges into the Ein Sof is optimised, as the traditional prayer relates, "May it be Your Will that Aryeh Kaplan described what he termed "meditative kabbalah", shared across academic divisions between Theosophical and Ecstatic Kabbalists, [16] as a midpoint on the spectrum between " practical kabbalah " and " theoretical kabbalah ".

However, according to Aryeh Kaplanthe Abulafian system of meditations forms an important part of the work of Hayim Vitaland in turn his master Isaac Luria.

While Abulafia remained a marginal figure in the direct development of Theosophical Kabbalah, recent academic scholarship on Abulafia by Moshe Idel reveals his wider influence across the later development of Jewish mysticism.

qliphoth meditation

In the 16th century Judah Albotini continued Abulafian methods in Jerusalem.Payment Use a valid debit or credit card. Qliphothic Meditations is a deep journey through the zones of power of Qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, gnosis and primal maps are gathered into a powerful grimoire that opens consciousness for the energies of the Dark Tree.

Asenath Mason provides the serious occult student with a chthonic tome of gnosis and wisdom that continues her work of Qliphothic exploration and revelation. Pushing the boundaries of revelations, she delectably delivers the wisdom of the night to those that dare to walk the path of flames. Secrets that are contained herein have already caused ripples through the consensual paradigm we all share, and may its dark light continue to grow and infest. Asenath has managed to journey into the depths of the night-side to create a kick-ass guide of self-initiation through the Tree of Death.

My work with the Qliphoth began over 15 years ago, when I was introduced to the subject through the writings of Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley, and other magicians who peered into the dark side of the Tree of Life and shared the results of their work through their publications. The idea of a shadow realm existing behind the veil of the world as we know it has always fascinated me, and after studying many magical systems and traditions, I found that the Tree of Qliphoth was truly the path I sought — the path offering individual power instead of submission to any higher forces, leading to concrete and tangible results in a relatively short time, advocating freedom, individuality, and self-awareness.

What also appealed to me was that the forces of the Dark Tree could be approached both by magical techniques and through psychological interpretation, thus providing an applicable map of self-initiation for a modern practitioner. Those magical systems may have appealed to magicians of their times, but we live in the 21st century, and I believe that the key to power and growth lies not within the study and application of the old ways but in rediscovering and adapting them to the modern paradigm.

This is how I approach the forces of the Qliphoth in my own practice, and this is also what you will find in my Qliphothic Meditations. Are you a courageous explorer? Are you an ally of the Left Hand Path? If so, then you will feel at home here. In present time the magic of the Qliphoth is gaining in popularity and you will find many books on the subject, both new and old. The Tree of Qliphoth still remains unexploredproviding a fertile ground for all kinds of experiments and offering power and knowledge to those who set on a magical journey to these realms in search for self-initiation.

Such a journey is described in my Qliphothic Meditations.

qliphoth meditation

All workings provided here have been tested and verified both through my personal practice and through the work of my ritual friends and partners. You can see the complete table of contents below:. The amulet available together with Qliphothic Meditations presents the classic Star of the Qliphoth combined with eleven tridents, the keys to the current that is worked with in the book.

Unique in its design, the amulet will make an excellent ritual tool for those who wish to empower their work with the forces of the Dark Tree. Beautifully crafted in real silverthe metal with many magical and mystical associations, it can be used as a focal point for any ritual provided in this grimoire, as well as in many other rites of Qliphothic sorcery.

Empowered and consecrated through the work of the book, it will serve as a permanent key to the currents of Sitra Ahra. Designed specifically for practitioners of Qliphothic magic, the circle includes sigils of the ten Qliphoth and the hidden Sephira Daath-The Abyss, inscribed within the eleven pointed star and the Serpent of Chaos, constituting a powerful tool for all kinds of Qliphothic sorcery.

Qliphothic Meditations supplements her previous nightside work well, but also stands on its own in an antinomian way. In Qliphothic Meditations, she personally arranges encounters with the numerous male and female Devils whom haunt the Qliphothic Realms native to the Tree of Death.

Too little is known about the Shadow Side, because too few magicians possess the stout heart to exit the light. Their tragic loss though, because a magician can only awaken their Godhood in the abyss.

As editor of this grimoire, I personally guarantee its authenticity. I had no doubt that my sister could tackle the task of condensing such an elusive subject into a manageable system that any practicing magician could work with. Asenath Mason. Shipping Speed 2 weeks on average.Good info for me to continue studying.

High level members of the occult practice this. Do you have the permission of the author Thomas Karlsson to be using his texts and sigils? Much appreciated! It is extremely rare to find information on the Qlippoth that is comprehensive.

Even the grimoire that I work out of is quite off on the perception of this fascinating subject. This clears matters up a great deal! Thank you! In a metaphysical sense, they're realms, but in a spiritual sense, they are advanced states of human consciousness. Erzsebeth Bathory can show the way to gamaliel, although it may only work for beings of her kin. I have long felt a special connection with herbal medicine.

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